Transformation through Education

“No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.”
(Nelson Mandela)

Encouraging young people to learn and investing in education give them the most important means for a life in dignity. Network East Africa is committed to provide education and thereby reduce poverty.


We promote education by training teachers and developing colleges. Thereby, we provide a future for youth in areas of crisis.

How we work

Network East Africa, supporting education

Without education youth have very limited opportunities to earn money and participate in public life. Many children living in poverty experience this by observing their parents. According to statistics, 73% of the population of South Sudan over the age of 15 are illiterate. In the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the percentage of children attending school felt to about 40% due to war and school fees.

Enabling children to attend school has been the main goal of international efforts. Despite many positive trends, it became clear in the UNESCO World Education Reports that a solid school education cannot be achieved simply through many new established schools, but through the quality of teaching. Millions of children are currently not experiencing a learning environment to graduate successfully and make progress in life. Some of them even remain illiterate despite of attending school. Responding to these challenges, we support teachers and professionals to promote education in areas of crisis. In addition, we strengthen the development of colleges and training institutions in partnership with local churches.

By promoting trainers for the education system we empower communities in reducing poverty and criminality.

Voices from Friends and Partners

Rev. Jacob Ogwok, supporting education

The greatest advantage for us is to work as a team. Network East Africa supports us in building St. Mark’s College in Kwajok. With this college we offer youth hope to sustain themselves with their own hands.

Rev. Jacob Ogwok, Missionary from Uganda serving in South Sudan

Rev. Kasereka Mulemberi, supporting education

We are glad to partner with Network East Africa. Together we develop projects to strengthen education and faith in villages deep in the forest. We also have a vision to inspire those communities with values for building peace

Rev. Kasereka Mulemberi, Priest in North Kivu Diocese (DRC)


Network East Africa, education

The security situation in South Sudan and the east of DRC is unstable. Lack of formal school education contributes strongly towards this problem.

Without hope of vocational training, children from poor families often drop out of school or they are sent to work by their parents. Uneducated youth are easily manipulated since they have difficulties to verify information. As a result of having no vision for their life, they easily join rebel groups, especially during famine. However, those groups are stealing the resources from local communities and actually increase hunger, displacement and calamity.

In order to break this cycle, teachers and training institutions are needed to empower the young generation with professional skills and values.

Your donation enables training for teachers and the development of training institutions.

Partner organisations

St. Mark College, Kwajok
Diocese of Gogrial (Südsudan)

St. John’s College of Theology and Development, Wau
Diocese of Wau (Südsudan)

Apolo Kivebulaya University, Butembo
North Kivu Diocese, DR Congo

Bishop Barham University College, Kabale
Diocese of Kigezi, Uganda