Network East Africa – who we are

Inspired by our Christian faith, we join with local partners to promote peace, connect professionals and support education in areas of crisis.
Who we are, Network East Africa

Network East Africa is an international branch of Marburg Mission Foundation. Matthias Scheitacker coordinates this network in Germany. Our church partners coordinate this work in South Sudan, DRC and Uganda.

“During 10 years teaching at Bischop Barham University College in Uganda, I got in contact to many very trustworthy students and churches from Uganda, South Sudan and DRC. As Ugandan graduates expressed their desire to partner with their fellow alumni from South Sudan strengthening the church and education system there … I was requested to join and Network East Africa was born.”

Network East Africa, Marburg Mission Foundation

Since 2004, Marburger Mission Foundation is a church foundation under civil law and registered as a charitable trust in Germany.

The foundation is supervised by the Protestant Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck.

How we Work

Develop projects, Network East Africa

We operate as an international network mainly with volunteers, united by our joint vision:

transforming areas of conflict through Christ centred communities.

Our conviction is that creative solutions for promoting peace and strengthening education are best developed by honest sharing in the area of crisis – not on desks abroad.

Promoting peace in areas of conflict is a joint task where everyone with his/her strength, knowledge and limits is needed.


Donation Seal Network East Africa

The correct handling of finances has top priority for us. Therefore, an independent legalised auditor reviews our organization every year.

We have committed ourselves to send 90 percent direct to the specific project. 10 percent is needed for publicity and administration.

The German Evangelical Alliance awarded us with their donation seal. This certificate is a quality criterion for non-profit organisations.

The Network East Africa Story

History Network East Africa

Since 1970, Marburg Mission partners with local churches in East Africa. From the very beginning, the aim has been to support and promote churches towards independence and to enable them having a positive impact on their society.

From 1990 to 2016, Marburg Mission had a special focus on training theology students at Bishop Barham University College (BBUC) in Kabale and we remain in partnership, supporting and helping each other.

During the last 10 years, there was a growing interest about world mission in African churches. In addition, former Bishop Barham University students from Congo and South Sudan requested College alumni and churches to send missionaries from Uganda.

Therefore, a network was formed in 2014 to support sending professionals in areas of crisis, to promote peace and to strengthen education. With these efforts we plant hope, based on our Christian faith.