Transformation through Education

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The project “Transformation through Education” supports people with scholarships, who are able to train their fellows and the young generation in regional colleges and schools.


According to statistics, 73% of the population of South Sudan over the age of 15 are illiterate. In the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the percentage of children attending school felt to about 40% due to war and school fees.
In order to respond to these challenges, we support teachers and church workers through this scholarship program to promote education in society. We partner with local churches and training institutions in South Sudan, the east of DRC and Uganda.
Together, we promote education and make an important contribution to fight poverty and reduce violence in society.


The security situation in South Sudan and the east of DRC  is unstable. Lack of formal school education contributes strongly towards this problem. Young people without education and a vison for their life easily join rebel groups because of famin and a feeling of superiority through guns. However, those groups are stealing their resources from the local comunity and actually increase hunger, displacement and calamity. In order to break this cycle, teachers and training institutions are needed, to empower the young generation on professional skils, values and spiritual formation.

Partner organisations

St. Mark College, Kwajok
Diocese of Gogrial (South Sudan)

St. John’s College of Theology and Development, Wau
Diocese of Wau (South Sudan)

Apolo Kivebulaya University, Butembo
North Kivu Diocese, DR Congo

Bishop Barham University College, Kabale
Diocese of Kigezi, Uganda


Matthias Scheitacker
(Coordinator Network East Africa)

With your donation, you support scholarships for teachers, who will be able to train their fellows and the young generation in regional colleges and schools.

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